By | September 20, 2020

Many factors determine the quality and durability of any construction. These include materials used, installation, environmental conditions, etc. Of all these things, the most significant is the quality of the contractor who carries out the construction. The contractor can make or mar any buildings process. Given this importance attached to the contractor, it is not surprising that homeowners usually have difficulties with picking the right contractor for a project, whether it is remodeling or initial construction. With thousands of contractors online and hundreds in your city, picking the right one is a headache, which is why it is not surprising that many homeowners pick the first contractor they interview. It is not that they don’t know all the good things the contractor is saying is pure marketing strategy; they do. They just don’t have the time to listen to more sweet-tongued professionals before arriving at a decision on who to go for. The best way to avoid this mistake is by using reviews and testimonials of previous customers.


A customer review is usually an independent opinion of a customer about the services of a contractor. These reviews are important to both the customer and the contractor. Here is why?


Full Awareness Of Contractor’s Strengths And Weaknesses: Checking a contractor review and testimonials gives you an idea of how good the contractor is, not just on the job but also on customer relations. Customers usually give full details about their experience with the contractor, and by reading through, you can immediately tell if this contractor is right for you or not.
Streamlining Potential Contractors: With hundreds of contractors within your locality, narrowing down your search can be challenging, but you can do it with testimonials, reviews, and ratings. By the time you remove those with bad customer service or low ratings from the list, the number of those you will interview is lesser, and this time, picking the first contractor you interview might not even be a costly mistake.


Content And Marketing Strategy: Beyond all the marketing strategies that a contractor may use, one of the easiest and most effective ways to convince a potential customer to choose your service is positive reviews. You can display these reviews on your website to give visitors an idea of the quality service you offer, and of course, that’s marketing. No marketing strategy is better than a happy customer. However, it is impossible to escape a few negative comments once in a while, even the customer was actually satisfied, or perhaps your service was below par. Don’t ever think a negative review is bad news; most times, it is just news. What determines if it’s good or bad news is how you respond to the review.
Identify Your Weakness: You can recognize your areas of weakness and where you need to improve from the customer’s review and testimonials. As a contractor and a business, you must always strive to be better, and this would only happen if you get negative reviews and immediately step in to rectify all complaints.
Online Presence: Your reviews can determine the digital footprint you will have. Getting reviews will help you with your search engine optimization, and the more reviews you get, the higher your chances of being in the top results each time someone searches for a contractor in your area.