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Art Designs on Concrete

Concrete might be a suitable material capable of being used for any form of construction, but it is much more than that. Concrete can also be used for aesthetic enhancements of any structure, which means it will be functional and decorative. One of such ways to make concrete decorative is through art designs. Some concrete… Read More »

Best Concrete Mixtures

Concrete is a multipurpose material used in different aspects of construction. Perhaps, for this reason, it exists in different grades, each determining the strength of the concrete after the first twenty-eight days of construction. Each mixture of concrete serves a purpose. For instance, the mix needed to build a sidewalk is not the same for… Read More »

Is Concrete Or Stone Better For a Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall serves multiple purposes in function as well as aesthetics. It can help hold the soil back, thus preventing erosion. It can also help create a flat surface on hilly terrains, thereby converting an impossible piece of land into a usable one. Aesthetically, it improves landscape designs. Unlike the regular walls that support… Read More »

How To Make Your Own Concrete?

Concrete is the most popular building material for many reasons. It is cheap, low maintenance, high quality, durable, resistant to many environmental conditions, among many other qualities. This material is a mixture of cement, which is the adhesive material, coarse aggregates such as sand, stones, gravels, etc., and water. If you are looking to make… Read More »

Decorative Concrete Tips

Concrete is a great material that got better when techniques were discovered to decorate it. Today, there are many countless ways of creating decorative concrete from stamping, pattern, painting, coating, etc. Decorative concrete has revolutionized the material as it is now possible to use it in places where it was once considered dull. If you… Read More »


Many factors determine the quality and durability of any construction. These include materials used, installation, environmental conditions, etc. Of all these things, the most significant is the quality of the contractor who carries out the construction. The contractor can make or mar any buildings process. Given this importance attached to the contractor, it is not… Read More »